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White Privilege

    The White Privilege Series: Workplace Discrimination

    This post is part of a series about white privilege, in which I discuss my views on the topic and how it affects our greater community.  Click here to read the entire series. Not long ago, I wrote a post about workplace discrimination and how white Americans get trapped in believing they are “equal opportunity employers”, when actually, they’re not.  It’s something my husband has struggled with, time and again.  It’s a barrier that most people of color continually battle, yet somehow,…

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  • Understanding White Privilege, white privilege, slavery, anti-racism, comic strips, illustrations, racism

    White Privilege & Anti-Racism in the Funnies

    Understanding White Privilege I’m always looking for new ways to help others understand white privilege and racism, and gain more knowledge myself.  Today I found a website that I think is…

  • White Privilege, Fortune Cookie

    When “Life Hacking” Is Really White Privilege {Medium}

    If you’re all about checking white privilege, male privilege, class privilege…I’m pretty sure you’re going to like this article.  It’s basically a straight-forward and unapologetic examination of day to day displays…

  • You Didn't Build That, We Built It, obama, small business, big business

    Wordless Wednesday: "We Built It" …Ummm…ok…?

    “We Built It” …Ummm…ok…? So Romney and Ryan think they “built it”…interesting.  So I guess it’s just a coincidence that there are so many white males at the top?  White Privilege…

  • White privilege white blogger admitting your privilege

    On Being White & Privileged {Spillerena}

    A friend and fellow blogger sent me the link to this article (thank you for sharing this!) and I would love for you all to please stop by and read it.…