A new website for multicultural families

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A new website for multicultural families

Multicultural Familia is a not-for-profit, multi-author platform and online magazine that is dedicated to empowering and making visible the modern American family.  Founded in 2011 by Chantilly Patiño and a collaborative group of multicultural bloggersMulticultural Familia™ is a community supported project, aimed at promoting open discussions about the conversations that are most relevant to multicultural families and which celebrate multicultural lifestyle.




BICULTURAL MOM  I’m a ‘bicultural’ mom who loves writing and analyzing social ‘norms’.  I blog honestly about racism, feminism and a variety of social issues that affect modern families, and I also like to blog about what’s happening in our life from day-to-day.

EMPATHEIA  Sharing stories about two kinds of diversity; a multiraical family’s experiences in Iowa & an alternative HS teacher’s experience in non-traditional education.

EZZY LANGUZZI  Literary Latina mom blogging about education, culture and social awareness.

FAMILY CLICK  MamaFamilyClick’s blog complements FamilyClick’s website. Her mission is to create a virtual family room where kids and their families can interact together in a fun, safe and private space, in spite of distance, through books, videos, and drawing.

FLORECITA GROWING UP  Motherhood, politics, gardening and everything in between, from the mind of a feminist Latina who is very open about teaching her children to grow up thinking critically and questioning systems of oppression.

HYBRID RASTA MAMA  A blog covering all topics related to natural, peaceful parenting as well as preparing and eating traditional “real” foods.

KENSINGTON KITCHEN  Cross-cultural cooking in a multicultural neighborhood.

LA FAMILIA COOL  Mami Cool shares her experiences and talks about motherhood, home remedies, and raising. bilingual children

MAROCMAMA  Sights and bites from a Moroccan American kitchen; living and eating as a bi-cultural, globally conscious family.

ME AND THE MEXICAN  Everything “white” and everything “mexican” all mixed up like a bowl of guacamole!

MIXED BY LOVE  An online community for mixed-race families, couples and people, to discuss struggle and share our joy.

MOTHERHOOD IN MEXICO  Musings of a Gringa mom living in Mexico.

MULTICULTURALISM ROCKS!  Cultural diversity in children’s literature.

NADIRAH ANGAIL  Real discussions on relationships, marriage, parenting and self.

ONE BROWN GIRL  Just your every day Brown Girl Culturalista celebrating culture, diversity, humanity & travel.

THIS NEST  Donna celebrates her interracial family and shares her beautifully chaotic life through stories, opinions, and poetry.


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