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  • FOOD

    Choriqueso Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

    CHORIQUESO GRILLED CHEESE โ€“ It’s the perfect easy weekend dish to nurse you back to health. Creamy Oaxaca cheese, crispy chorizo crumbles and classic Campbell’s tomato soup! ๐Ÿ˜ Disclosure: This shop…


    Someone Gave us a Car!

    SOMEONE GAVE US A CAR!! You guys, something amazing happened over the holiday break.ย  Someone gave us a NEW CAR!! This was a friend that I’ve know for almost a year,…

  • FOOD

    Slow Cooker Shredded Pork (Pulled Pork)

    This slow cooker shredded pork is perfect for easy family dinners, lunches or appetizers.ย  Set it and forget it!ย  Create a variety of recipes from this one dish! Slow Cooker Shredded…

  • FOOD

    Mexican Fruit Skewers on Pink Himalayan Salt

    Mexican Fruit Skewers on Pink Himalayan Salt: Fresh chunks of juicy fruit skewered and marinated over a pink himalayan salt plank, and sprinkled with fresh lime juice and chile. Try it…

  • FOOD

    American-Style Tacos

    These delicious American style tacos feature an amazing array of flavors and textures.ย  Crispy lettuce, cool sour cream, spicy guacamole salsa and a squeeze of lime make these tacos a mouthwatering…

  • FOOD

    Apple Cranberry Salad with Honey Bourbon Pecans

    APPLE CRANBERRY SALAD WITH HONEY BOURBON PECANS โ€“ This delicious, crisp winter salad is the perfect light dish to serve alongside your holiday feast. This post is sponsored by Kroger in…

  • FOOD

    Instacart Grocery Delivery (Free delivery + $10 off!)

    Rio Grande Valley Grocery Delivery with Instacart Have you ever tried Instacart?ย  The grocery delivery service brings groceries, fresh produce and household items direct to your door.ย  They started expanding to…


    Connecting our Kids to South Texas Culture

    Connecting our Kids to South Texas Culture Even when we were in Michigan and South Dakota, we were thinking about Texas. It was hubby’s dream.ย  Ever since he left South Texas…