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    Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits of Biculturalism

    Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits of Biculturalism I was reading a post from Multilingual Living and I couldn’t help but smile.  I loved Corey’s “10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Foreigner“!  I can’t say that every point on the list fits our relationship, but there are for sure some great points about our bicultural marriage that make it incredibly endearing. My favorite point from the article, of course…”He thinks I’m fascinating“…this is by far one of the best qualities of bicultural…

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    How To Raise Confident Multiracial Children

    How To Raise Confident Multiracial Children Like most parents, I’ve thought a lot about my daughter’s future.  I have considered race, culture, language, religion and so many other factors that will…

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    Bicultural Parenting Confessions

    Confessions of a Bicultural Mom This past year has been busier than ever and I’ve felt guilty too many times about living in the Midwest and about not immersing our daughter…

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    My First 10 Blog Posts Ever!

    My First 10 Blog Posts Ever Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about why I started this blog.  What were my goals then?  Are they still the same now?  How can…

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    Favorite Multicultural Resources {Multicultural Mondays}

    Favorite Multicultural Resources This is a Multicultural Mondays post!  To join in, CLICK HERE for details and come back to this post to add your link!  :) I’m a little late posting this because the…