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    Bicultural Parenting Confessions

    Confessions of a Bicultural Mom This past year has been busier than ever and I’ve felt guilty too many times about living in the Midwest and about not immersing our daughter enough into Mexican culture.  It’s been hard.  We’re far away from our family and friends who influence our Latino roots most and we haven’t always done enough to connect in this community for various reasons. This past holiday I saw a lot of other parents chatting about getting together…

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    “Dear Mom” – A Letter Never Sent

    “Dear Mom” – A Letter Never Sent My husband wrote this letter years ago.  It’s a letter to his mom that he never sent, but the pain is still there.  Still…

  • saying no to abuse

    Saying ‘NO’ to Abusive Relationships

    Saying ‘NO’ to Abusive Relationships Over the course of a lifetime, it seems that each of us will have to deal with a hurtful or abusive relationship at one point or…

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    Toxic Relationships: Releasing the Burden

    Image Credit: Flickr / peevee@ds Coping with Toxic Relationships  I read a great article yesterday, one that I would recommend to anyone stepping into a committed relationship, but most of all to…

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    The Flip-Side: Can Newbie Insiders Be Trusted?

    A couple of days ago, I wrote about how becoming an insider among another race can make you an outsider with your own.  Today, I wanted to talk about the flip-side…

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    Our Wedding – Part 2 (The Beauties)

    Read Part 1 >> The Better Parts of Our Intercultural Wedding Although our wedding had been very stressful and caused me to have a near breakdown just weeks before the “I…

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    Our Wedding – Part 1 (The Beasts)

    Wedding Horrors My husband and I were very much in love and excited to finally be getting married.  We had been together for almost four years by the time we’d gotten…

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    How I Lost My Spanish

    How I Lost My Spanish I usually don’t write too many personal posts because I have trouble believing that anyone would be interested, but after the last one, I just felt…

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    The Wrath of La Cuñada

    What could be worse than taking on your mother-in-law?  The dreaded sister-in-law. It may have been obvious to some, but I was completely unaware that a sister-in-law could bring so much…