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About Bicultural Familia

Bicultural Familia is a lifestyle blog and YouTube family vlog that focuses on ‘raising curious and confident bicultural kids,’ and life in South Texas.

We’re based in Harlingen, TX, which is about 30 minutes from the U.S. – Mexican Border and the Gulf of Mexico, an area that has beautiful weather, palm trees and delicious food!  It’s also a well-known travel destination, as we live just minutes from the tropical paradise of South Padre Island and a short drive away from a popular cruise port in Galveston, Texas.

Influence and Stats

Bicultural Familia is published by Chantilly Patiño, an influential blogger, who’s writing and commentary has been featured on sites such as BlogHer, Fox News Latino, News Taco, Spanglish Baby, New Latina, Momfluential, MomsRising, Momtourage, Bon Bon Break, Latism, Mixed Chicks Chat, Is That Your Child?, Amigapreneur, and

Chantilly is the creator of several successful websites, including Bicultural Mom, Bicultural FamiliaMulticultural Familia, and Multicultural Bloggers.

She has appeared as a speaker and moderator at Hispanicize on the topics of multicultural blogging and blogging for a cause, and has worked top tier brands such as Britax USA, Disney, AARP and Home Depot.

Chantilly has been named as a Top Latina Blogger in the nation by LATISM, and attended an exclusive retreat at The White House in 2012 to discuss the topics most affecting U.S. Latinos.

Blog / Social Media

About Our Audience

Our audience consists primarily of bicultural Latino families, Latina moms, and multiracial families from a variety of different social and cultural backgrounds.  On Bicultural Familia, we share select items with our audience that will add value to their lives.  Some examples of possible items to share on our blog, may including:

  • Mexican Food and Culture
  • Bicultural / Bilingual / Biracial Parenting
  • Antiracist / Feminist Parenting
  • Motherhood / Fatherhood
  • Parenting Hacks & Timesavers
  • Family Travel / Accommodations
  • Toys, Games, Activities for Kids ages 0-8
  • Activities for Infants and Toddlers
  • Activities for Little Kids
  • Baby & Kid Fashion
  • Kid-Friendly Technology
  • Tech / Apps for Parents

Let’s Work Together

Sponsored Posts / Vlogs – We update our blog weekly and upload daily vlogs on YouTube.  Since our content created daily, we are able to bring viewers into our home and invite them to follow our daily travels and activities.  This provides numerous opportunities for brands to share useful and fun products, events and information with us and our readers / viewers.  If you have an opportunity your would like to discuss, please reach out to us via the short form below.

Reviews & Giveaways – We’re always in search of high-quality, useful items to share with our audience.  Some possible items to share on the blog might be multicultural children’s books, digital memberships (Audible, Netflix, BrainPop Jr., etc.), family travel and trips, Mexican food and cultural items, household items or family tech.  If you have an item you would like us to review and/or giveaway on the blog, please reach out to discuss it will us further.

Family Fun & Travel – Travel and culture are a big part of our lives.  We love to explore and want to teach our kids the importance of travel too.  We love to get out around town and take a few big trips a year to show the kids something that will leave them in awe.  Travel for us, is all about exploration.  We want our little explorers to see the world…and learn in their backyard too.  It’s all about those important milestones and experiences that your children will remember for a lifetime.  If you have a location or event that seems like a good fit for the blog, please reach out to us to discuss a possible collaboration.

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