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3 Ways to Find Peace in Your Daily Life

3 Ways to Find Peace in Your Daily Life

In light of all the controversy that’s been swirling around in the news, there have been many moments when I’ve felt disappointed by all that’s going on, wondered what I could do to change things and feeling emotionally exhausted.  Through all the negative images in the media and the hardness of the world, it can be difficult to find peace.  In my own pursuance of peace, I have found a few things that have helped me to leave those dark, heavy thoughts behind.

Practice Tranquility. Sometimes the best medicine is good, old-fashioned peace and quiet.  Finding a place of solitude where you can just veg and enjoy a few silent moments alone can really help to get your spirits up.  Breathe deep, exhale, empty your mind and just relax.  Weather you reading by candlelight or feeding birds in the park, make sure that you take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries and refresh your perspective.

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Live in awe. One thing that always helps me to silence my mind is a trip to see mother earth.  She provides an excellent source of calming sounds and breathtaking views.  Watch and listen to leaves rustling, waves crashing, birds tweeting or whatever it is that lets you realize that there is amazing beauty in this world.  Seeing both sides of the story helps us to stay positive and reminds us how big this world really is and that we are just small particles in relation to the universe.

Rekindle your passion. Whatever your passion is, pursue it.  I’ve found that I have more fun and find more peace when I take part in something that I truly love doing.  I love photography, music, art and writing.  Take the time to express yourself through whatever outlet helps you to release that negative energy and reel in the positive. Life’s true rewards come when you live passionately and embrace your own identity.

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