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Easter Traditions in Texas [Podcast]

Easter Traditions in Texas [Podcast] by Ricardo Patiño I’m sharing my memories of Easter traditions in Texas today, more specifically, from my hometown of Laredo.  I’m remembering the places where I felt secure, safe and loved. For me, that…


Pero Like: What is a Pocha / Pocho?

What is a Pocha / Pocho? by Ricardo Patiño Pocha or Pocho is negative term used to shame Mexican Americans for not being Mexican enough.  You’re a sellout for embracing American culture.  It’s a really offensive way to tell people…


No Answers

On this podcast, I had to do a lot of soul searching.  And admit to myself that the world is not the way that I perceived it to be.  Not just with natural disasters, but man-made disasters and violence…


DAY ONE: Precious Moments in Fatherhood

What is your greatest moment as a father?  Do you remember the first time held your child?  Clothed her or fed her?  Do you remember your baby girl’s or baby boy’s first words? As a parent, you never forget…


Poetic Tejano: Grapefruit, Lemons & Figs Wrapped in Roses

Gente, we all have symbols in our family that bring us a memory.  These are some of my symbolic items that I feel represent my Tejano family in Texas. One day I hope and pray, that my daughter sees these simple…


Awkward Romance

A true love story is neither a storybook or blockbuster.  It’s the little things in life that we hold on to truly, madly and deeply.  Roses may fade, chocolates will be eaten, but the memories that we have of…


On Immigration & Treating People Like Animals

It always seems that the minority group that’s increasing in numbers suddenly becomes America’s scapegoat.  New laws and old hatred rears it’s head once again.  The so-called humor of the recent “Illegal Immigrant Hunting Permit” is completely lost on…


Angels on Earth & Giving Back

Recently I had help from my own “angels” on earth.  When people are able to reach out and do something positive for someone else, the seems like a not so scary place.  When people do the right thing, just…


Life in the Midwest & Leaving Laredo

I love sharing my culture with my daughter.  I love that she’s interested in listening to Spanish.  When I was a kid, growing up in Laredo, hearing Spanish, English and sometimes Spanish and English all at the same times…


Absentee Fathers – Best example of a bad example

My father wasn’t always there for me as a kid.  In fact, he was never there.  He wasn’t the one who taught me how to do car repairs or the one who offered wisdom on how to be a good man.…


American Conspiracies in Jesse Ventura’s New Book

I sat down to read this excerpt the other night because I’ve been wanting to get this book for a while.  It’s Jesse Ventura’s latest, American Conspiracies. Check out the podcast below for more details and read the excerpt…


Your Favorite Christmas Traditions?

Short podcast today about some of my favorite Christmas traditions growing up.  What do you remember most? Midnight Mass? Nochebuenas? The food? Tell me your favorites gente, and why they were so important to you growing up. [audio:|titles=BICULTURAL PAPI…


Cuentos de Holiday

Do you remember the child-like innocence you once had a Christmas?  Today I share my fondest family memories of my cousin and sister and their doubts about the existence of Santa. [audio:|titles=BICULTURAL PAPI HOLIDAY CUENTOS EPISODE 0005] Do you teach your…


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving gente! I’m talking with my wife about holiday traditions today and crazy familias.  Do you have a crazy family member or different holiday traditions? Share in the comments. [audio:|titles=BICULTURAL PAPI THANKSGIVING EPISODE 0004] Thank you for stopping…



Self-doubt In today’s podcast I talk about self-doubt and that inevitable feeling of hopelessness that people in our lives sometimes pass onto us, knowingly or unknowingly. All my life I’ve struggled with self-doubt and people telling me who I…


Four More Years!!

Felicitaciones gente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Latinos made our voices heard…71% of us turned out to support our president and I am beyond proud of nuestra gente! This shows everyone that you can pursue your dreams and make it!  Not forced into a…

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Estamos Aquí! We have launched!

Óye gente!  It’s my first podcast!  Tell me what you think in the comments, tweet me on Twitter or drop me a line on Facebook.  Speak out! And get out to VOTE today!  Obámanos!! [audio:|titles=BICULTURAL PAPI LAUNCH EPISODE 0001]…

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