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Massacre at Wounded Knee: A Bloody & Brutal History

Mass grave at Wounded Knee 


Every time I sit long enough to think about Wounded Knee, I cry.  There are so many images seared into my mind that make it difficult to comprehend those events, but one stands out above all others…the image of a nursing infant suckling at her mother’s cold body. I keep picturing my daughter…alone, unprotected, hungry. I can’t forget that scene or what I imagine it must feel like to witness…to know that a child’s mother was taken, that a mother was taken from her child.  So many mothers, so many children, so many families…taken.  I will never forget those images…I will never forget that genocide.

I look back on what I’ve read and seen…and I think about my daughter, my husband…and how truly precious they are.

Life is not disposable.  Life is not replaceable. We must never forget it’s value.

Video Intro to Wounded Knee – December 29, 1890



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  • Andres
    July 30, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    Thank you for remembering this horrible event as I feel that we forget some of these atrocities. The Native Americans have had a terrible history of forced assimilation and genocide. Let's make sure that we all know our history on this so we don't repeat it.