Running for #Texas Governor: Who is Wendy Davis?

You may or may not be a fan of Wendy Davis, but if you’re a Texan, I’m betting you at least know her name.  ;)

This past summer, I watch Wendy Davis take a stand for women’s rights.

I know her position is controversial.

But I don’t believe in blaming women for the hard choices that they are forced to make.

If we really care about preventing abortions, we’ll do more to be sure that women can provide for their families and get the health care they need.  We’ll do more to ensure equal pay and affordable health care.  We’ll do less blaming and convicting, and spend more time ensuring that women have the resources they need to make real choices.

The recent news is that Wendy Davis is running for Governor in Texas.  If you’re interested to know more about her, the videos below provide quite a bit of insight.

Wendy Davis attempted filibuster in Texas

Davis: Gov. Perry has demeaned his office

Meet Senator Wendy Davis

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