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Honeysmoke NEW Biracial Children’s Book Launches Today!

Honeysmoke, a NEW Biracial Children’s Book Long-time blogger, Monique Fields, has published a new biracial children’s book titled in her blog’s namesake, Honeysmoke.  The book is full of vibrant full-color illustrations, showing a beautiful brown girl with fluffy locs.…


Can a light-skinned biracial woman consider herself black?

Can a light-skinned biracial woman consider herself black? I thought this was a really interesting conversation on biracial identity and especially colorism.  This discussion right here is why “race” doesn’t really make any sense.  There is no one “box”…


Book Review: Mama’s Child by Joan Steinau Lester

I recently received a review copy of Mama’s Child from JKS Communications.  The following is my full review.  All opinions are my own. Mama’s Child is a book about identity and self-exploration.  It is a tale that is deeply entwined…

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Celebrating Small Victories in Bicultural Parenting

Bicultural Parenting: Celebrating Small Victories Today I’m sharing a guest post I wrote that was previously published on in July 2011.  Our families may not be perfect, but there are many small victories that are worth celebrating!  :)…

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Proud of My Country, Celebrating My President

  Proud of My Country, Celebrating My President It’s taken me a while to get my thoughts out, and not for a lack of trying, but I haven’t had many moments of free time recently.  Tuesday evening my family…


Four More Years!!

Felicitaciones gente!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Latinos made our voices heard…71% of us turned out to support our president and I am beyond proud of nuestra gente! This shows everyone that you can pursue your dreams and make it!  Not forced into a…


Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2

Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2 Some of you might remember not long ago that I wrote the first in a series of ‘race talks’ with my daughter about skin color.  Read it here » Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #1 So today,…


Parenting Bilingual Niños When You’re Not Fluent

Parenting Bilingual Niños Being the parent of a bilingual child isn’t always easy…especially when you’re not fluent. I’ve been teaching my daughter Spanish since birth…a few words here and there, never speaking in full conversations because I have absolutely no…

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Limiting Our Children to Protect Them? {Racism Review}

  Protecting Our Kids from Becoming the Next Trayvon Martin I was reading Racism Review earlier this week and came across a really interesting article about how we put limits on our children in order to protect them.  Maybe we…


Mixed Identity & Latinos {Multicultural Familia}

Mixed Identity & Latinos There have been a lot of interesting posts in the news and in the blog world lately.  Many that promote the celebration of mixed heritage and some that make us pause to consider, “What does…


Mixed Latinos & Multiracial Identity

Image Pew Social Trends Mixed Latinos & Multiracial Identity Most times, Americans don’t think of Latinos as being mixed or multicultural, but in reality Latinos are leaders of multiculturalism and mixed families.  Start off with the fact that most…

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How To Raise Confident Multicultural & Multiracial Children

Raising Multiracial Children Like most parents, I’ve thought a lot about my daughter’s future.  I have considered race, culture, language, religion and so many other factors that will become a part of her developing identity.  Being the mother of…

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