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Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits of Biculturalism

Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits of Biculturalism I was reading a post from Multilingual Living and I couldn’t help but smile.  I loved Corey’s “10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Foreigner“!  I can’t say that every point on the…

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What is Bicultural Identity?

What is Bicultural Identity? I’ve had quite a few individuals approach me and tell me that they were pleasantly surprised to realize that they were bicultural. I’m always a bit saddened, but mostly glad, to hear this announcement. On…


Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with #LatinoLit

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage with #LatinoLit I read a post on Powerful Latinas today and another on News Taco that got me thinking.  How do others value Hispanic heritage during this month long celebration?  Do they see it as a learning opportunity?  Do…

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Racial Identity: When ‘White’ Doesn’t Quite Fit

Racial Identity: When ‘White’ Doesn’t Quite Fit Can white people call themselves ‘mixed’?  Can they see themselves as something other than white, if they appear visually white?  Sometimes, I don’t know.  All my childhood, I struggled with that label…the…


Multiculturalism Carnival {Entries}

What makes a multicultural family unique?  Who are we and what do we look like? These are the questions and the answers are endless.  Being multicultural is more than attempting diversity…it is a lifestyle, an appreciation and a celebration…


1° Spanish Friday

Bueno, hoy es el primer viernes que escribo puro en español y estoy feliz para entrar la comunidad!  Tanto tiempo ha pasado desde que he escrito (o hablado) completamente en español, pero estoy lista para regresar a los estudios.  Sin duda,…


Multiculturalism: It’s For Everyone!

Americans and Multiculturalism I’ve talked with friends and family and have sometimes gotten blank and uncomfortable stares when mentioning words like “bilingual,” “multicultural” and “diversity“.  For many, these concepts can seem foreign and strange…an unreachable and unknown destination.  But I want to…