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Spanglish: “Right” or “Wrong”?

Spanglish: “Right” or “Wrong”? The fact that we even ask this question shows our prejudice. Language, like all things, is continually growing and changing. “Proper” Spanish and English neither came about in a single night or from a single…


The White Privilege Series: Workplace Discrimination

This post is part of a series about white privilege, in which I discuss my views on the topic and how it affects our greater community.  Click here to read the entire series. Not long ago, I wrote a post about…

america the beautiful coca-cola ad

Behind the “America The Beautiful” Coca-Cola Ad

I’m not a big Coke drinker.  In fact, I try to avoid it when I can, which is not easy when you’re married to a Texan.  But regardless, I saw Coca-Cola’s “America The Beautiful” Ad last night and I…


Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2

Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2 Some of you might remember not long ago that I wrote the first in a series of ‘race talks’ with my daughter about skin color.  Read it here » Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #1 So today,…

racism in the tech industry

Racism in the Tech Industry {Infographic}

Created by:   Chantilly PatiñoHola!  I’m Chantilly Patiño, mom to a multiracial Latino family, living in South Texas and we’re proud to share the food and culture of the place we call home. ❤  Questions or comments about the blog? …


Why Pink? It's a Symbolism Thing – Becoming a Feminist Mom

Becoming a Feminist Mom Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about shedding the pink skin I wear on Bicultural Mom.  For one, it’s never been my favorite color, it doesn’t exactly depict strength or political savvy, so what’s the…


Multiculturalism Carnival {Entries}

What makes a multicultural family unique?  Who are we and what do we look like? These are the questions and the answers are endless.  Being multicultural is more than attempting diversity…it is a lifestyle, an appreciation and a celebration…


Multiculturalism: It’s For Everyone!

Americans and Multiculturalism I’ve talked with friends and family and have sometimes gotten blank and uncomfortable stares when mentioning words like “bilingual,” “multicultural” and “diversity“.  For many, these concepts can seem foreign and strange…an unreachable and unknown destination.  But I want to…

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