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New Year, New View: Beyond Self-Doubt

Moving Beyond Self-Doubt So, I wrote here a couple of weeks ago about how I have some new resolutions for this year.  Mostly, I want to start back up in college, but I also want to bring order back…

Education vs Incarceration infographic

Education vs Incarceration {Infographic}

Education vs Incarceration {Infographic} One of the biggest problems facing society today. We value punishment more than education and fail to see the importance of education as a major influence in an individual’s lifetime contribution to this nation.  We are driving our economy…


Why You Should Celebrate Black History Month – Every Day

Black History Month (originally Negro History Week) was established in 1926 in an attempt to promote black history learning among the general population.  Before it’s establishment, black faces were systematically left out of American history and black history in education…


Racism Film Recommendation {Multicultural Familia}

Image via   Slavery and the Making of America One of the best films series I’ve probably ever seen, I think this is the ultimate disc series to give the avid anti-racist.  There is a wealth of information here that few films…


EDÚCATE: Navigating the College Admissions Process

  I started college late.  If you want to know the truth, I was 23 when I finally attempted my formal education and I needed tons of encouragement to even put a foot into that admissions office.  It wasn’t…


The Key to Higher Education Lies in the Hands of Latino Parents

While in college I had the opportunity to volunteer with a program called the Hispanic Youth Career Conference.  The HYCC board was founded in an effort to recruit an underrepresented population of students to the college, Latinos.  Despite our…