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Someone Gave us a Car!

SOMEONE GAVE US A CAR!! You guys, something amazing happened over the holiday break.  Someone gave us a NEW CAR!! This was a friend that I’ve know for almost a year, who had heard our story about all the…


Here’s What’s Inside a Dollar Shave Club Box

Here’s What’s Inside a Dollar Shave Club Box Today on the blog, hubby is reviewing Dollar Shave Club.  This is his first time trying it and he was really happy with it.  You can watch his full video review…


VIDEO: Mexican Popsicles / Paletas Mexicanas!

Mexican Popsicles / Paletas Mexicanas! Hola gente! Today on the vlog, we’re trying Mexican popsicles / paletas Mexicanas! Ricky and I got Arroz con Leche (so, so good!!) and Lily split a Bubble Gum paleta with her brother. Plus…


VIDEO: Adorable Babies Playing Soccer!

Adorable Babies Playing Soccer! It’s time for another adorable vlog on Bicultural Familia!  This week, we finally caught the baby saying his colors on camera, watched the babies play soccer and saw Lily do her best novela impression…lol! Adorable…


VIDEO: Shopping at H-E-B Stores in Texas

Shopping at H-E-B Stores in Texas Over the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing videos of our trip from Texas to Michigan and back.  We got so much footage on that trip and there is more than we could…


What Abuelo Taught Me #EarlyMomentsMatter

What Abuelo Taught Me Every day, from now until Father’s Day, we’re celebrating dads.   My husband and I didn’t have great dads growing up, but we were loved by some pretty important men in our lives, outside of…


We Drove 1,600 Miles From Texas to Michigan!!

Cross Country Family Road Trip (1,600 miles) From Texas to Michigan!! This past week our family traveled 1,600 miles from South Texas to Michigan to attend my brother’s memorial.  From Texas, to Arkansas, to Missouri, Illinois and Michigan.  Here…


Easter Traditions in Texas Pt. 2

Easter Traditions in Texas Pt. 2 by Ricardo Patiño In this weeks vlog, Ricardo shares some of the things he loves about celebrating Easter in Texas. From paper flowers to church services to cascarones, these are a few of…


She is Terrified of Butterflies…LOL

She is Terrified of Butterflies…LOL We’re back with another vlog!  This time, of the kids playing in the backyard and just being cute in general. When someone says run, which type are you?  Do you ask what’s going on or…

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