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On Being Bicultural

This post was originally published in March 2011. It has been updated slightly to include both of our kids and republished for our current blog readers. Who am I? Sometimes I’ve found myself wondering, who am I exactly?  What…

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Mija Turns Five + Super Hero Birthdays!

This post is sponsored by BRITAX.  As part of the Britax Latina Advisory Board, I often share my own adventures and safety tips.  All opinions and stories are my own, of course.  Check out my posts on car seat…


All Latinos Look Alike? George López, Carlos Mencia & My Husband

My Husband & Latino Celebrities As long as I’ve been with my husband, I’ve heard comments about how he “looks so much like” some Latino celebrity.  When he starts cracking jokes, the comparisons are narrowed a bit.  Then he…


For Many Latinos, Racial Identity Is More Culture Than Color {NYTimes}

Monica Almeida/The New York Times “Believe me, I am not a confused person. I know who I am, but I don’t necessarily fit the categories well,” said Erica Lubliner, a medical school graduate of Mexican and Jewish heritage. _____________________________________________________________________________________________…

Kimono Dashiki

Racial Identity: When ‘White’ Doesn’t Quite Fit

Racial Identity: When ‘White’ Doesn’t Quite Fit Can white people call themselves ‘mixed’?  Can they see themselves as something other than white, if they appear visually white?  Sometimes, I don’t know.  All my childhood, I struggled with that label…the…


Mixed Latinos & Multiracial Identity

Image Pew Social Trends Mixed Latinos & Multiracial Identity Most times, Americans don’t think of Latinos as being mixed or multicultural, but in reality Latinos are leaders of multiculturalism and mixed families.  Start off with the fact that most…

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How To Raise Confident Multicultural & Multiracial Children

Raising Multiracial Children Like most parents, I’ve thought a lot about my daughter’s future.  I have considered race, culture, language, religion and so many other factors that will become a part of her developing identity.  Being the mother of…

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