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Spanglish: “Right” or “Wrong”?

Spanglish: “Right” or “Wrong”? The fact that we even ask this question shows our prejudice. Language, like all things, is continually growing and changing. “Proper” Spanish and English neither came about in a single night or from a single…

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Bilingualism & Bilingual Parenting {Multicultural Mondays}

Bilingual Parenting Isn’t Just About Language This is a Multicultural Mondays post!  To join in, CLICK HERE for details and come back to this post to add your link!  :) So many times I’ve been asked, “Why is raising bilingual kids so important?”…


Raising Bilingual Children: It’s the Little Things

Raising Bilingual Children: It’s the Little Things Not long ago we celebrated a big milestone in our home.  Our daughter learned to roll her R’s. In bilingual homes this is often a big deal, because rolling r’s doesn’t come…

words of affirmation for bilingual children

Words of Affirmation for Bilingual Children

Words of Affirmation for Bilingual Children Today I came across this great Spanish/English printable for parents raising bilingual children.  It’s from an awesome bloguera, Unknown Mami and it’s basically a list of words and phrases for praising your kids…


Bilingual Parenting: Journey Toward Spanish Fluency

Bilingual Parenting: Journey Toward Spanish Fluency Well, it’s been a while since I blogged about my journey towards being bilingual.  A while back, I wrote a post about losing my Spanish and how the criticism from family and friends…


“Arrorró, mi niño” {WINNER}

  A special thanks to Lee & Low Books for sponsoring this giveaway!  “Arrorró, mi niño” is an excellent book for any bicultural/bilingual home.  It’s been a great book for cuddling up with my daughter at night and I…


1° Spanish Friday

Bueno, hoy es el primer viernes que escribo puro en español y estoy feliz para entrar la comunidad!  Tanto tiempo ha pasado desde que he escrito (o hablado) completamente en español, pero estoy lista para regresar a los estudios.  Sin duda,…


How I Lost My Spanish

How I Lost My Spanish I usually don’t write too many personal posts because I have trouble believing that anyone would be interested, but after the last one, I just felt like there was so much more to say.…


Multiculturalism: It’s For Everyone!

Americans and Multiculturalism I’ve talked with friends and family and have sometimes gotten blank and uncomfortable stares when mentioning words like “bilingual,” “multicultural” and “diversity“.  For many, these concepts can seem foreign and strange…an unreachable and unknown destination.  But I want to…


Conflicts & Blessings Between Borders

Conflicts & Blessings Between Borders Being the parent of a bilingual child isn’t always easy…especially when you’re not fluent. I’ve been teaching my daughter Spanish since birth…a few words here and there, never speaking in full conversations because I…

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