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How To Raise Confident Multiracial Children

How To Raise Confident Multiracial Children Like most parents, I’ve thought a lot about my daughter’s future.  I have considered race, culture, language, religion and so many other factors that will become a part of her developing identity.  Being…


Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits of Biculturalism

Bicultural Bliss: 10 Benefits of Biculturalism I was reading a post from Multilingual Living and I couldn’t help but smile.  I loved Corey’s “10 Reasons Why You Should Marry a Foreigner“!  I can’t say that every point on the…


Spanglish: “Right” or “Wrong”?

Spanglish: “Right” or “Wrong”? The fact that we even ask this question shows our prejudice. Language, like all things, is continually growing and changing. “Proper” Spanish and English neither came about in a single night or from a single…


Study finds: White children are more negative about race

“White kids are far more negative about racial interactions than black kids.” I think most people have seen this to be true and there are plenty of studies to back up this statement.  The reality is…race is a problem…

Top Multicultural Resources

Favorite Multicultural Resources {Multicultural Mondays}

Favorite Multicultural Resources This is a Multicultural Mondays post!  To join in, CLICK HERE for details and come back to this post to add your link!  :) I’m a little late posting this because the weekend ran over into my week…and then my internet was…

raising global citizens

Multicultural Mondays Blog Hop: Growing Up Global {Greetings}

  This week, for Multicultural Monday, I’m continuing my reading from Homa Sabet Tavangar’s Growing Up Global.  This week’s chapter was about greetings and how important they are for forming friendships that can allow us to see others as…

raising global citizens

#MulticulturalMondays Blog Hop: Growing Up Global {Friendship}

  Image via   It’s been a couple of weeks since I last wrote a Multicultural Mondays post.  Being sick does that to you.  But I’m starting to feel better now and I’m actually glad that I had…


A New Deals Site for Multicultural Families!

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Multicultural Familia™ Launches New Deals Site for Multicultural Families   Sioux Falls, SD – January 30th, 2012 – Multicultural Familia™ has launched a new deals site for multicultural families.  The aim of the site is to highlight businesses…

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What is Bicultural Identity?

What is Bicultural Identity? I’ve had quite a few individuals approach me and tell me that they were pleasantly surprised to realize that they were bicultural. I’m always a bit saddened, but mostly glad, to hear this announcement. On…


We're Going to Blogalicious!

   Image: Gaylord National Hotel & Conference Center / Blogalicious Weekend   I have a little bit of news for you!  We’re going to Blogalicious!  On Friday, I was contacted by Clever Girls Collective who told me that I had won…


#MixedFam Q&A: Interview With Tara Villanueva, Writer & Polynesian Dancer

This post is part of a series of interviews with families like ours, who are ‘mixed’ and Latino.  Read more interviews here: MixedFam Q&A Tara Villanueva is of Puerto-Rican, Hawaiian, and Filipina heritage.  She is a singer-songwriter, polynesian dancer…


#MixedFam Q&A: Angélica Pérez of

This post is part of a series of interviews with families like ours, who are ‘mixed’ and Latino.  Read more interviews here: MixedFam Q&A Angélica Pérez-Litwin, PhD is best known as the creative force, Publisher and CEO, of NEW…


New Study Aims to Explore Multiracial Parenting & Identity

    For mixed families, one of the most important and confusing discussions in parenting often concerns identity.  Mixed, multiracial, multiethnic individuals often have a difficult course set ahead of them in a country ruled by racial categories.  Where…

Kimono Dashiki

Racial Identity: When ‘White’ Doesn’t Quite Fit

Racial Identity: When ‘White’ Doesn’t Quite Fit Can white people call themselves ‘mixed’?  Can they see themselves as something other than white, if they appear visually white?  Sometimes, I don’t know.  All my childhood, I struggled with that label…the…


The White Privilege Series: Talking To Your Kids About Race

This post is part of a series about white privilege, in which I discuss my views on the topic and how it affects our greater community.  Click here to read the entire series. Addressing White Privilege: Talking To Your Kids About…


Mixed Identity & Latinos {Multicultural Familia}

Mixed Identity & Latinos There have been a lot of interesting posts in the news and in the blog world lately.  Many that promote the celebration of mixed heritage and some that make us pause to consider, “What does…