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White Privilege & Anti-Racism in the Funnies

Understanding White Privilege I’m always looking for new ways to help others understand white privilege and racism, and gain more knowledge myself.  Today I found a website that I think is pretty helpful.  It has comic strips with characters…


On Racial Profiling, Stereotypes & Self-Preservation

On Racial Profiling, Stereotypes & Self-Preservation Sometimes I get emotional thinking about where my husband could’ve ended up…where he could still end up. We once lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Not many people know of it, but it was a…


Women on Motorcycles? YES.

Women on Motorcycles?  YES. Life never fails to produce teachable moments.  Today, we were driving around town and mija quickly turned toward me (I was riding in the backseat with her) and said, “Look mama, that lady’s on a…

first time flying first time flyer flying for the first time

More on My First Time Flying

First Time Flying Last week I wrote about my first time flying with Jettly and what it was like psychologically to embark on my first flight, that I had somehow deemed an impossibility long ago.  It was a little…


Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2

Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2 Some of you might remember not long ago that I wrote the first in a series of ‘race talks’ with my daughter about skin color.  Read it here » Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #1 So today,…

racial profiling trayvon martin

Limiting Our Children to Protect Them? {Racism Review}

  Protecting Our Kids from Becoming the Next Trayvon Martin I was reading Racism Review earlier this week and came across a really interesting article about how we put limits on our children in order to protect them.  Maybe we…

black teen shot and killed by nypd

Another Black Youth Killed by NYPD

Image: Flickr / jtl308   This is the third story this week of a young black male being killed by NYPD.  Not injured…KILLED.   It seems there isn’t enough uproar about the issue and I’m afraid that a lot of…

white privilege

Well-Meaning White People

Well-Meaning White People I’m not apposed to white people.  Really, I’m not.  *sarcasm* Some may think I’m out to get whites or that I’m a self-hater because I call white people out time and again…because I married a Latino…because…


Why Pink? It's a Symbolism Thing – Becoming a Feminist Mom

Becoming a Feminist Mom Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about shedding the pink skin I wear on Bicultural Mom.  For one, it’s never been my favorite color, it doesn’t exactly depict strength or political savvy, so what’s the…


Special Needs & Stereotyping Children of Color {Multicultural Familia}

Special Needs & Stereotyping Children of Color … Sadder still, is the fact that this practice of generalizing children of color as having “attitude problems” or being “troubled” isn’t only related to special needs.  There is an abundance of stereotyping…


Word"Less" Wednesday: The Coin Toss

  I’ve seen images like this on the web from time to time and I have to say, this is one of my favorite thoughts out there.  So many things in life can be summed up with this one…

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