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Endearing Tales of Unlikely Romance

Seeking ‘Perfection’ Often times, we find ourselves imagining the perfect kiss, the perfect date or the perfect relationship.  We make all the plans in our minds, prep ourselves to receive them, but often these dream scenarios never come to…


A Little Back Story on Me & the Hubs: How We Met

This month is the 15th anniversary of when hubby and I first met and to celebrate, we’re sharing how we met and our engagement story.  And if you’re interested in reading further, you can also find links to our…


Our Wedding – Part 2 (The Beauties)

Read Part 1 >> The Better Parts of Our Intercultural Wedding Although our wedding had been very stressful and caused me to have a near breakdown just weeks before the “I DOs”, we were happy to finally be married…


Our Wedding – Part 1 (The Beasts)

Wedding Horrors My husband and I were very much in love and excited to finally be getting married.  We had been together for almost four years by the time we’d gotten hitched, a fact that drove my hubby crazy…


The Wrath of La Cuñada

What could be worse than taking on your mother-in-law?  The dreaded sister-in-law. It may have been obvious to some, but I was completely unaware that a sister-in-law could bring so much grief and make me feel like such an…

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