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Race & Feminism

Black Male Privilege and Black Women

Black Male Privilege & Black Women {Trending Tweets}

#BlackPowerIsForBlackMen Trending on Twitter If you don’t think that male privilege inherently disadvantages women, think again.  If you don’t realize that men regardless of race (Black, Latino, etc.) have an advantage over women of color, you’re in for a…

feminism and intersectionality

On Feminism & Intersectionality {Trending Tweets}

#SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen Lights Up Twitter If you haven’t seen the hashtag #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen on Twitter yet, you’re in for some really interesting and academic dialog on the discussion of feminism and inclusion. The conversations on this hashtag are smart, informed and…


Book Review: Mama’s Child by Joan Steinau Lester

I recently received a review copy of Mama’s Child from JKS Communications.  The following is my full review.  All opinions are my own. Mama’s Child is a book about identity and self-exploration.  It is a tale that is deeply entwined…

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