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Five Terms You Might Not Know Are Considered Racist

By Nadra Kareem Nittle “The American lexicon is filled with slang, but some colloquialisms are best avoided by anyone with a modicum of racial sensitivity. Not only are they frowned upon, they’re also considered racially offensive. Take, for example, the…


Study finds: White children are more negative about race

“White kids are far more negative about racial interactions than black kids.” I think most people have seen this to be true and there are plenty of studies to back up this statement.  The reality is…race is a problem…

On Don Lemon, Race & Respectability

Jay Smooth's Video Response to the Don Lemon Rant

Don Lemon’s ‘Fix’ for Black Communities Last week, many were shocked by Don Lemon’s rant about sagging pants, littering and unwed parents.  On CNN, he gave what seemed like a five point plan for fixing black communities.  Even more…


On Racial Profiling, Stereotypes & Self-Preservation

On Racial Profiling, Stereotypes & Self-Preservation Sometimes I get emotional thinking about where my husband could’ve ended up…where he could still end up. We once lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Not many people know of it, but it was a…


Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2

Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #2 Some of you might remember not long ago that I wrote the first in a series of ‘race talks’ with my daughter about skin color.  Read it here » Parenting Awareness: ‘Race’ Talk #1 So today,…


Racist Halloween Costumes {Podcast}

Image Credit: Flickr / themaccraic-david Racist Halloween Costumes Yesterday, I was listening to Michelle’s podcast for Is That Your Child? and she brought up a really interesting topic.  A little debate spurred up, or I could say that it was…

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