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Celebrate Interracial Marriage on Loving Day!

What is Loving Day? Loving Day is the celebration of a victory for interracial couples that happens every year on June 12th.  You see, not so long ago, just about 50 years ago, interracial marriage was illegal. That is,…


How to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day

How to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day Who is Martin Luther King Jr.? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., not to be confused with the 15th century German priest Martin Luther, is an internationally recognized civil rights leader and preacher…


4 Ways to Support Couples in Interracial Relationships

4 Ways Support Couples in Interracial Relationships If you’re reading this article, you probably have a family member, friend or co-worker that’s in an interracial relationship. You’ve seen them struggling with negative criticism and you want to do your…


The White Privilege Series: Workplace Discrimination

This post is part of a series about white privilege, in which I discuss my views on the topic and how it affects our greater community.  Click here to read the entire series. Not long ago, I wrote a post about…

Understanding White Privilege, white privilege, slavery, anti-racism, comic strips, illustrations, racism

White Privilege & Anti-Racism in the Funnies

Understanding White Privilege I’m always looking for new ways to help others understand white privilege and racism, and gain more knowledge myself.  Today I found a website that I think is pretty helpful.  It has comic strips with characters…

un-fair campaign poster white privilege

Un-Fair Campaign: A useful (and accurate) definition of RACISM

As many of you may know, I blog often about racism, prejudice and white privilege.  Recently, there was some debate from the blogging community about what RACISM really is, so I wanted to clarify the definition just a little…


What really happened in Ferguson?

What really happened in Ferguson? You’ve probably been watching this whole story unfold in the news and have been shocked, disgusted and angry at the quality of journalism surrounding Ferguson. As someone who gets my news online, I’ve been…

america the beautiful coca-cola ad

Behind the “America The Beautiful” Coca-Cola Ad

I’m not a big Coke drinker.  In fact, I try to avoid it when I can, which is not easy when you’re married to a Texan.  But regardless, I saw Coca-Cola’s “America The Beautiful” Ad last night and I…


Five Terms You Might Not Know Are Considered Racist

By Nadra Kareem Nittle “The American lexicon is filled with slang, but some colloquialisms are best avoided by anyone with a modicum of racial sensitivity. Not only are they frowned upon, they’re also considered racially offensive. Take, for example, the…

Actress Mallika Sherawat confronts reporter

Actress Mallika Sherawat confronts reporter on women's rights comments

According to at least one member of the audience, Actress Mallika Sherawat got a little “too emotional” recently when she confronted a reporter that called her out on comments that India is “regressive and depressing”.  In the press conference, Sherawat…

american pride racism white supremacy

American Pride & White Supremacy

American Pride & White Supremacy Tonight while I was at the grocery store, I was searching for some good beef, the kind without all the trimmings that pretty much destroy the texture of beef altogether.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able…

On Don Lemon, Race & Respectability

Jay Smooth's Video Response to the Don Lemon Rant

Don Lemon’s ‘Fix’ for Black Communities Last week, many were shocked by Don Lemon’s rant about sagging pants, littering and unwed parents.  On CNN, he gave what seemed like a five point plan for fixing black communities.  Even more…

President Obama Speaks on Trayvon Martin YouTube

President Obama's Speech on Trayvon Martin & the Future of America

President Obama’s Speech on Trayvon Martin I’m not going to say too much, because I honestly believe that it’s more important that people listen to Obama’s speech. The video, which you can view below, shows Obama as raw as…

saggy pants ban in St. Louis

Sagging Pants Could Get You Jail Time in St. Louis

According to St. Louis native and social justice blogger at Michelle Parrinello-Cason, sagging pants is about to become a crime in St. Louis. An ordinance which currently includes nudity, sexual acts and public urination as forms of indecent exposure, could…


The New Jim Crow {Book Excerpt}

The New Jim Crow – Book Excerpt I have yet to have the privilege to read the entire book, but today I found an excerpt of The New Jim Crow online and couldn’t help but read it. One of…


We Can't Afford to Remain Silent {Election 2012}

We Can’t Afford to Remain Silent {Election 2012} As the election season heats up, we seem to be slipping further and further into a political and racial divide.  This election has churned the racist roots that had gone underground…

Federal judges reject Texas redistricting plan Texas redistricting halted

Redistricting Halted in Texas

Redistricting Halted in Texas Go ahead, tell me racism doesn’t exist. Tell me that it doesn’t play a role in the election process. Fellow Texans, can you believe this?  I know you’ve been watching it for a while and…


On Racial Profiling, Stereotypes & Self-Preservation

On Racial Profiling, Stereotypes & Self-Preservation Sometimes I get emotional thinking about where my husband could’ve ended up…where he could still end up. We once lived in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Not many people know of it, but it was a…

White privilege white blogger admitting your privilege

On Being White & Privileged {Spillerena}

A friend and fellow blogger sent me the link to this article (thank you for sharing this!) and I would love for you all to please stop by and read it.  It’s an excellent introduction to the White Privilege…