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4 Ways to Support Couples in Interracial Relationships

4 Ways Support Couples in Interracial Relationships If you’re reading this article, you probably have a family member, friend or co-worker that’s in an interracial relationship. You’ve seen them struggling with negative criticism and you want to do your…


#MulticulturalMondays Blog Hop: Interracial Relationships

  Today is Multicultural Monday!  This is the first of a weekly multicultural blog hop geared toward individuals who want to share a piece of their multicultural life with the rest of us.  Join in by writing up a…


Interracial Relationships, Job Discrimination & Education {Podcast}

Image Credit: Flickr / themaccraic-david   My husband and I had an interesting conversation about difficulties in our relationship as an interracial couple, the challenges that he’s faced with job discrimination and education. I really enjoy doing these podcasts with…


Trials of the Interracial Couple

Common Challenges for Interracial Couples One of the disadvantages of being an interracial couple is the fact that you have to bite your tongue so often in order to get by unscathed.  There is so much more that can be said…


On Being In Love

What does it mean to “be in love”?  To some it’s a myth, something inexplicable that you can never reach and if you do, it is impossible to embrace.  Love is about passion.  It’s about a spiritual connection, a…

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