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3 Things We Love About Living in South Texas #FamiliaTravels

It’s official…we’re Texans!

My husband and I have talked about relocating our family for several years now and over the past year, we’ve made the decision that South Texas is the place for us.

We considered going back home to West Michigan, a paradise of white sandy beaches, or to the cultural mecca of Chicago, both of which, share our beloved Lake Michigan coastline.  Either would have been amazing choices.  But right now, the most important consideration for us was immersing our children in Texan and Mexican cultures.  That’s why we ultimately chose South Texas.

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And now that we’re here, we can truly appreciate the beauty and culture of South Texas…and there is so much that we have yet to discover.

We’ve been in South Texas for about a week now, and we have by no means seen everything, but we can already tell that this move was a right fit for us.  So, today, I wanted to share some of our favorite things about living in South Texas so far.

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Things We Love About Living in South Texas…

1. THE PEOPLE – Since arriving in Harlingen, Texas, we’ve had nothing but warm welcomes.  Everyone here has been kind, down-to-earth and incredibly helpful.  People aren’t pretentious here, they’re humble.  We’ve lived in many places over the years, most recently in South Dakota, and it’s safe to say that Tejanos make some of the best neighbors.  ;)

2. THE WEATHER – Contrary to what some might think, South Texas isn’t just a barren desert.  The climate varies from city to city, but much of the Rio Grande Valley is located near the Gulf of Mexico, in a climate that includes palm trees and beautiful beaches.  It’s also home to a variety of unique animal species and lush tropical plants.

3. THE SETTING – South Texas has a special mix of city and country feel that allows you to experience the best of both worlds.  There’s plenty of modern comforts and lots of lush plant life and scenic views too.  The area where we live in Harlingen, is located just outside of the city limits, and while it feels rural and private, there is no shortage of shopping or things to do.

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