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What are your favorite food memories? {Multicultural Monday}

What are your favorite food memories?

Multicultural Mondays

Do you have a favorite food memory?  A snack or meal that you just couldn’t live without because it takes you back to an important time or place in your life?

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Most of the time, we think about these favorite foods during the holidays, but we also have food memories for every season and that resonate with certain people or places in our childhood.  Maybe you had a grandmother who used to bake cookies for you every weekend or you picked fresh berries from the berry patches behind your house with your cousins every summer.

For my husband, he always remembers his grandfather for figs, oranges, spiced coffee and carne asadas with the whole family in Texas.  His memories of Texas and the love that his familia put into their best dishes.  Everyone knew who made the best sopas, pan dulces or tacos and la comida casera has always been a source of pride back home in Texas.

For me, I mostly remember the special meals we had a Thanksgiving and Christmas with my family.  My mom always did her best to make it special and the holidays really stick with me.  She always went out of her way to make our faith the center of every celebration.

Image credit: www.jcreidtx.com – Check out his great post on barbacoa tacos from Noemi’s Tacos in Houston!

Food memories as a family

One food memory that we share as a family, is Sunday afternoons with barbacoa tacos and sobre mesa.  For years, I sat with my hubby and in-laws at the table every Sunday, listening to everyone discuss this week’s chismes, share childhood stories of Texas and dish on what we had accomplished at work or in school that week.  We talked about anything and everything and it was a special couple of hours devoted simply to reconnecting and sharing what’s new in the community.

This is a tradition that we now continue with our daughter.  It doesn’t happen every Sunday, but we make it happen often and when it doesn’t, we miss it.  I miss cooking up a crock pot full of carne mejilla and smelling the gentle herbs wafting through our house.  I miss giving hubby his storytelling spotlight or watching mi’jita scooping up the last bits of her taco and smiling at how full her belly is.  She always asks me to poke at it with my finger as proof of how much she loved the meal.  “Look mami, my belly is too full!”

That’s why barbacoa Sundays have to be a regular.  They have to be something we commit to because they are so unique and special.  It’s a moment when we can just be us and enjoy each others’ company without all the interruptions of the weekly grind.

Special events and local festivals also make up a big part of our food identity, as you can see in the picture at the top of this post.  In the photo, Lily is chomping on a rib from Jazzfest two summers back, here in Sioux Falls.  It was our first summer without our big family by our side. Our first summer alone…so these types of festivals and community events helped our family to feel a little more complete…a little more full and messy…just the way we like it. ;) Whether in Michigan, South Dakota or another locale…we love finding new festivals and community events that can help create new opportunities for super special family memories.  ♥

What are your favorite food memories?  Is there a certain event or person that ties in with that memory?  I would love to hear your stories.  Add your link to the widget below or leave it in the comments…and for you non-bloggers, please dish on your favorite memories in the comments too!  :)

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