Women on Motorcycles? YES.

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Women on Motorcycles?  YES.

Life never fails to produce teachable moments.  Today, we were driving around town and mija quickly turned toward me (I was riding in the backseat with her) and said, “Look mama, that lady’s on a motorcycle without a husband!”

She pointed behind us to a woman in her 40’s in a hot pink shirt and bandana on a black Harley Sportster.

Wow, the fact that she noticed the lack of women on bikes saddened me a little.  And she thinks they can’t ride without their husbands?  We need more women on bikes…we really do.

I explained to mija that yes, women can ride bikes without husbands.  Women have their own bikes.  Women are independent, powerful and yes…BIKERS.

Right now we live in the conservative Midwestern plains of South Dakota and even in a town overrun by bikes during the annual Sturgis Rally, women on bikes are viewed more as a decoration.  It’s unfortunate and I especially resent that it gives young girls the impression that bikes are “for boys only”.  Well statistics provided by the Kwikey Locksmith Services, Inc. shows that’s simply not true.

Women can and do ride…and in recent years, since biker brands like Harley Davidson have started reaching out to female consumers, they’re becoming more accepted…and not just as “eye candy”.  Often, when I’ve seen female bikers rolling around town, they’re in the 40+ club and super casual about it, which I think says something about the previous generation of women.  They don’t shy away, they don’t sex it up…they just are.  They’re enjoying the freedom of the road and an independence that we once couldn’t have without being called a “harlot”.

So I explained to my daughter, how mommy used to ride with her daddy and how mommy is planning to get a bike of her own one day and that she can have one too.  Daddy piped in and added that he wants me to teach him how to ride and that he’s excited to ride on the back of mommy’s motorcycle.

A guy on the back?  YES.  –  Is that so wrong?

We’ve had this talk before, but it was so wonderful to have her ask about this woman biker and that I had the opportunity to explain when she was ready and waiting for the answer.  Now she has a real life example to pull from, and one that she discovered all on her own.  ;)

How about you?  Have you talked to your kids about women on bikes?  Have you talked to them about the lack of women in certain careers and used those discussions to teach them about how women can be anywhere and do anything?  I would love to hear some of your stories!

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  • Melinda Steinberg
    December 24, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    Just LOVE your article, and I so agree with all you say in it. With a friend, and fellow lady biker, we are organizing an event called "Girlz on Bikes" on the Sunday connected to the International Day of Women's Rights, i.e. 10 March 2013. This event and ride was created in 2010 in Paris, France, and in 2013 will take place in 13 other French cities, Marrakech, and Geneva Switzerland. If you're near a town that organizes this, feel free to join in: currently only in French, but being translated! Go Girlz Go! :)

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